Turbo Nozzle 4500 PSI 3.0 GPM – 1/4” Quick Connect for Pressure Washers


Turbo Nozzle 4500 PSI 3.0 GPM – 1/4” Quick Connect for Pressure Washers

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MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE – Delivering extreme power force and great flexibility while being compact.
This is our spray nozzle with 4500 PSI / 310 bar ultimate pressure. Such an unbeatable cleaning
performance gives you the freedom to clean anything, anywhere!
AMAZING VARIABILITY – Fits majority of gas pressure washer, electric pressure washer on the market
thanks to the standard Ľ” quick-coupling connector. With compact dimensions and “fits all” connection
solution this turbo nozzle is simply a go-to product for your heaviest household cleaning jobs.
FIRST CLASS PRODUCT – Body and connector finely produced from supreme brass, with razor sharp
ceramic nozzle inside and rubber exterior for better grip, this is the perfect combination for the toughest
jobs in your garden.
VERSATILE HELPER– Our nozzle is ideal for quick, easy and efficient cleaning of soiled bricks,
concrete, vinyl or any other large amount of dirt or heavily soiled areas. It is not suitable for delicate
surfaces. One of the best Power Washer attachments.
FASTER PRESSURE CLEANING – Turbo nozzle creates a powerful and fast, in circle rotating 0° beam of water. This enables you to clean up to 40% faster than with a standard non-rotating nozzle.
Please check the pressure and flow of your machine before ordering. The min. working pressure of this nozzle is 2200PSI. This nozzle won’t work with washers which deliver lower pressure!

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For use with most gasoline pressure washers up to 4500 PSI
Honda, Generac, Ryobi, Powerstroke etc.
(Cold water use only)
This is a quick-connect turbo nozzle.
Whirls a powerful pin-point water jet for highly effective cleaning. Great for cleaning brick, concrete and
vinyl surfaces.
Multiplies ordinary pressure into powerful scrubbing power using a jet stream of rotating water. It’s
powerful strike makes it ideal for cleaning large, flat surfaces such as driveways, side walks, patios etc…

Increase pressure washing efficiency!!!

Turbo Nozzle

Color: Black
GPM: 3.0
Max PSI: 4500
Connection Type: 1/4″ Quick Connect


Please check your specifications before making the purchase.

Turbo Nozzle Size- 030
Turbo Nozzle to Wand Connection- 1/4 Inch Quick Connect


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