PEGGAS – Horizontal Pump – 2800-3000 PSI – 3/4“ Shaft – 2.5 GPM – Aluminum Head – Replacement Pump


PEGGAS – Horizontal Pump – 2800-3000 PSI – 3/4“ Shaft – 2.5 GPM – Aluminum Head – Replacement Pump

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  • ✦ GASOLINE PRESSURE WASHER HORIZONTAL PUMP ✦✦ PW28/2.5 ✦✦ High-quality replacement pump for your pump. These are OEM replacement pumps for many models of pressure washers. If your old one stopped working, is corroded etc. don’t hesitate!
  • ✦ 2800 – 3000 PSI 2.5 GPM RATING ✦ This pump is rated at 2800 – 3000 PSI and 2.5 GPM which is great for any and all small house cleaning projects. Very safe pressure even for washing your car or other things without being afraid to damage the paint!
  • ✦ FITMENT ✦ This pump comes with a standard 3/4” shaft which is most common for all small Horizontal pressure washers. Hose connectors are standard M22 so you don’t have to worry about buying extra fittings. Your 5.5-6.5 HP engine will power this pump with no problem and bolt-on directly!
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PEGGAS PW28/2.5 Technical Specifications Sheet!

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Fits many models:

  • Homelite 308653057, 308418007, UT80522, UT80953, UT80522B, UT80953B, UT80522A, UT80953A, UT80522D, UT80522E, HL252300 – Powerstroke 30841800, PS80522, PS80903A, PS80903B – Delta DXPW3025 – Karcher MH5500H-1 M5500H-2 M5500H-3 , Karcher G3050OH – Generac 308418007 HL252300, Generac 01675, 01675-0, 1675, 1675-0, G24H – Troy-Bilt 020241, 020242, 020241-0 – Comet BXD2528, BXD2527G – Craftsman 580.752600 580.752601 – Generac AXD2524GT-22MM, AXD3025G – Simpson MSH3125, MSH3125-S – Annovi Reverberri SJV25G27D-F7-EZ, AR MV25G30D – OEM Technologies FNA520002 (SIMPSON 520002) – AR North America RMV25G30D-PKG, RMV25G30-EZ-PKG
  • Engines: OEM Himore 309515003 Engines, Honda GC160 Type P, Honda GC190
  • AND many other models.


(Does Not Fit Excell engine’s w/ 7/8″ shaft )

  2. Shaft Diameter: 3/4″ Keyed Hollow Shaft


  • THIS PUMP WILL ONLY FIT A HORIZONTAL ENGINE w/ 3/4 Shafts, NOT A 7/8 SHAFT & NOT VERTICAL ENGINES. Models stated in the listing are potential matches only and NOT a 100% confirmation of compatibility. The customer is responsible for verifying their compatibility (our pump with their machines)*** Fits Honda Excell units with 3/4 shaft only!!! Some Excell units have the 7/8 shaft and this pump will not work!**



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Find Out About Our PEGGAS Product Line

Pumps comes with thermal release valve. These pupms are pre-oiled.

Fits 3/4“ Horizontal Crank Shaft Engines
Hole Distance to hole – 2 5/8“
Outer Holes – 1 7/8“


Please check your specifications before making the purchase.

Mounting bolts & Keyway are not included.

Head Material: Aluminum
Max Pressure: 2800 PSI
Max GPM: 2.3 GPM
Engine HP required: 5.5 HP
Max. Water Supply Temperature: 104°F
Self-suction: Yes

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in

3 reviews for PEGGAS – Horizontal Pump – 2800-3000 PSI – 3/4“ Shaft – 2.5 GPM – Aluminum Head – Replacement Pump

  1. Amazon Customer

    Great unit at almost half the price of everything else and it fits many brands!

    Great replacement pump for a 5HP Honda GC160 with a 3/4″ shaft. Bolted right up. Used my old key and bolts, they are not included. Remove the cheap good-looking aluminum M22 adapter and put a 3/8 fitting to a quick connect on it. Used this unit for 8 hours and works great. The old pump was 2400 psi and this one is 2800 psi. My unit came as a sealed unit with no oil port. The pump did not get as hot as I thought it would. My Motor doesn’t sound like it’s being stressed more than the original with the higher PSI rating. My pressure washer is an Excell EXH2425.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    This pump bolted onto my Honda GC160 engine without any problems. I had to add two additional items to complete it. One was a couple of feet of plastic tubing for the soap inlet. I re-used the soap tube from my old pump for this. Next, I had to buy a quick-connect adapter for the high-pressure outlet as the one from my old pump would not fit. This was easily done by purchasing an M22 to 3/8 Quick-Connect brass connector from Home Depot (SKU 719610, internet #100664030, Model # AP31030B) for $10. This adapter is a perfect fit.

    The pump functions well. In use, I find that the soap inlet opens up when I use my soap nozzle but not when I use my high-pressure spray nozzle. I guess this is because the inlet needs a certain volume of water flowing past it to open up and my lower pressure nozzle provides that volume. I am fine with this because I only soap with my low-pressure nozzle anyway. If it ever became a problem, the soap inlet can be removed and modified I suppose.

    The fit and finish of this pump are good and I am satisfied with the transaction and the product.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    I love that the PEGGAS Horizontal Pump replaced my Karcher pressure washer Model 2400-HH, 2.5 gal. a min. , Gas engine Honda GC160 5.0 HP 3/4 shaft. It Bolted right on. This pump from Peggas is affordable. Rated 3000 psi. To get to this max pressure the engine has to run a little faster. I left mine alone and runs great. Extra care should be taken for all parts are aluminum, should use after every use, a pump conditioner for long life. Should be using the conditioner with every pump. Would buy it again

  4. 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    My 20-year-old Generac gas motor pressure washer started getting weaker and I tried all the suggested fixes, cleaning the unloader valve, changing the gun spray tip, adjusting the governor setting, installing a new carburetor, etc. all with no change. I took off the old pump and found the pump chamber seals had cracked and mixed water with the pump oil rendering it worthless. I looked for the OE Generac pump at $160 (discontinued I found out), Yikes. I searched online and found pumps from $100-$200, I only paid $50 at a garage sale when I got this years ago. I found this at $75 and considered that a reasonable cost. I installed this in 5 minutes and WOW instant pressure when I fired it up. It’s a new sealed oiled unit and capable of 2,800 PSI of pressure, I added quick connect fittings to it that makes setting it up easy

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